H. Moser & Cie Mayu 18kt White Gold Diamond Bezel and Horns


หวานๆกับหน้าปัดสีชมพูเติมความเหลือบรุ้งด้วยปรากฏการณ์ adularescence ในเปลือกหอยมุกที่ปลุกความงามของผู้หญิงที่บริสุทธิ์ด้วยหน้าปัดล้อมเพชรตัวเรือนทองขาว 18K สายเป็นหนังปลากระเบนสีขาว ดูทะมัดทะแมงสมกับเป็น working woman

The Mayu from Moser presents itself as an elegant watch with an exclusive hint of understatement. Distinctively classic in its design, it is only 9.3 mm thick and features the rare, large pocket watch seconds hand. A power reserve of 80 hours ensures that the watch will continue to run accurately, even if it is not wound for three days. The revolutionary, interchangeable escapement module provides optimal ease of servicing. Also only to be found in watches from Moser is the patented execution of the escape wheel and pallet fork in solid gold with hardened surfaces.

The Moser Cal. HMC321.503 movement is a hand-wound movement with a diameter of 32 mm. Thanks to the use of true bevel wheels, the operation of the winding mechanism is gentle and low-wear. For optimal torque in the escapement module, the Moser tooth system is optimized in the entire wheel train. The fourth wheel and the third wheel are arranged beneath a common bridge. The value of this watch is emphasized externally by the polished edges, the sun pattern finish on the plate and bridges and the Moser ground stripes.

MSRP : $37,800.00

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