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Dear friends,

As we all know that this too shall pass, but for the record, it was not easy living through this miserable week without fear and anger.

Thinking of last Sunday while I was baking cookies with my kids, watching people grieving for their loss of families and homes in Gaza conflict. I only know that losing their love ones is the deepest pain and sorrow in human’s life but no one would truly understand any kinds of misery as long as they did not experience that terrible loss by themselves.

I begged my kids to watch the pictures that show the unimaginable grief of a Palestinian father whose son was killed by Israeli shelling in Al Jazeera TV but they refused and asked me if they could switched the channel to Food Network. My kids’ reaction made me feel so guilty of my carelessly happy living here in this Land of Smiles.

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Not only in Gaza, war is everywhere even in the southern provinces of Thailand. As we all know that bomb attacks are not something new in this country but we just ignored this fact and pay more attention on other issues.

Sometime it is so easy to just close our eyes and pretend that we did not see any brutal things in this world or pretend that it had never happened. But when the bad thing has got so close to our lives and we could smell its bloody breathing over our neck it is not possible to ignore it anymore.

A terrorist bombing not many blocks away from my meeting place and my kid’s school woke me up to the reality that we are already in the global war zone. It is not only the country political colors war but we are all now in the global chessboard influenced by the Superpowers. Thai people should be aware that the situation now is no longer just a talk of the town issue over coffee break but it is the time we have to carefully consider our every move in the global stage. It is time to choose, not only choosing the Superpowers’ alignment but choosing between being a strong fighter or a helpless victim of this restlessly cruel world.

Take care,


Bangkok Bomb attacks 20150817

Reported by  : Wannasiri Srivarathanabul

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