Marc Jacobs’

Thrilling and sensational, the runway was certainly courageous and Marc Jacobs’ creative stylistic selection of designs and styles also wound up putting smiles on faces and lifting spirits. However, are we able to really put on this fantastical collection within our real existence putting on?

Colors arrived playful mixtures of vegetables, lavender, ocher, pinks, yellows, grey, and black, while prints ranged from oversize shimmering paisleys to floral pencil sketches. The anti-sexy figures absurdly styled with padded sides, layers, and volumes, as well as the lots of tweeds woven with plastic and tinsel, together with vibrant sparkly lamé materials demonstrated Jacobs’ radical concept that fashion can nonetheless be liberated to let the creativity flow and mix over and done with art.

Brand : Marc Jacobs’
Collection : Fall-Winter 2012
Website :

Text : Porsche Kittisak K

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