Powell, or the quintessential modern-day sofa as Minotti sees it: welcoming, refined and informal. A seating system with fixed and sectional seats, designed to cater to a natural desire to relax. The fine balance of proportions, sartorial craftsmanship, every detail in Powell harks back to the style that has become Minotti’s identity. The aluminum base is a detail that cannot go unnoticed also because of its extra-glossy finish in an exclusive range of colors – Sand, Celadon, Granite, Plum and Pewter – thus offering out-of-the ordinary and sophisticated color combinations that match with the upholstery. The sofa appears to be slightly raised from the ground, almost suspended.

Comfort is a must-have in every Minotti sofa. And in order to make Powell even more comfortable, a saddle hide head-rest has been provided, that can easily be placed near the arm and backrest and used to support the cushion, to offer the right support and maximum comfort. The head-rest is available in Mud, Chestnut, Tobacco and Black.

The master craftsmanship is shown to perfection in the detailing such as the sofa profile that forms a teardrop in the corner with a 45° joint. The relaxed elegance of the Powell project is expressed in its simple styling and stands out in a meticulous craftsmanship with down feather padding both for the single seating cushion and for the backrest cushions, which makes for a very comfortable sofa. The precision of the profile that runs along the upper side of the sofa base and the sleek aluminum frame define its design and highlight its lightness.

Frame: one-piece multi plywood with elastic straps with a high rubber content.

Frame preparation: let into high-density polyurethane foam in different densities. Back and arm padding in thermo-sensitive polyurethane. An additional cover for the frame in a thick thermo-bonded fiber coupled with a white cotton fabric.

Cushions: channeled goose down padding for the seat cushion with central insert in high-density polyurethane foam. Seat cushions all with channeled goose down padding.

Cover: removable fabric upholstery only, by removing the base around the perimeter and loosening the special knurled handles using the key supplied. Non-removable leather for the structure only, removable upholstery for the backrest cushions and seat.

Base: extruded aluminum with die-cast aluminum joints (both an exclusive design by Minotti Studio), extra-glossy anti-touch paint in the following exclusive Minotti colors: Celadon, Granite, Plum, Sand and Pewter. Lies on the ground with technical feet that are set back.

Headrest: metal headrest covered in saddle-hide. Available in the following colors: Mud, Tobacco, Chestnut and Black.



Product Sofa


Brand Minotti
Designer Rodolfo Dordoni
Where to buy http://www.minotti.com/



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